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KwikPaisa NEO Bank is technological platform to provide Banking, Payment, Lending, Investment & Open Banking APIs to seamless performing financial transactions globally. KwikPaisa handle all payment mode available worldwide.

KwikPaisa NEO Bank is an Indian financial platform company headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India. KwikPaisa NEO Bank was founded in August 2020, by Ajay Jangra. The KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform, based on the Open Banking, Payment, Investment Advisory and Other Payment Financial related tools to combine all and every financial and daily needs under one roof. KwikPaisa NEO Bank is a module to easy to use and manage financial system. It is owned by Jangras Internet and Digital Financial (Payment) Services Private Limited, a subsidiary of Jangra's.

The KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform is available in English languages only currently, but anyone transalate it with the help of Google transalate Services. Using wikPaisa NEO Bank platform, users can open a digital saving and current account for own and family use, they can send and receive funds in wikPaisa NEO Bank platform bank (NEO Banking) account, for business use users can open a merchant account to accept payment from own customers with and without website, along with these services users can manage lending invesemnt related services with KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform.

KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform secured arround 35000+ customers in India and 4500+ customers in USA also.

KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform does not hold any banking license, all account and services provided by KwikPaisa NEO Bank is in partnership with RBI (in India) regulated banks.



KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform was incorporated in June 2020 with the legal name Jangras Internet and Digital Financial (Payment) Services Private Limited. In August 2020, company launch KwikPaisa NEO Bank platform with some of the services. In January, 2022, company launch full flaged NEO Banking and financial platform.



Awards and recognition

  • Startup India Recognition
  • NASSCOM 10000 Startup Recognition
  • The Digital Platform for the Indian Startup Ecosystem
  • nextco. Startup Recognition
  • Emerging Company Award (Indian Achievers Award-2020-21)
  • Startup Haryana Recognition



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