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Naturally we will have new users coming into this thread for the first time, who are very welcome to become part of the discussion. We need someone who KNOWS who should have a Star Head to make a ton of customs for players they know havent / wont be scanned for Fifa 22!!

Barella is very strange, why add 1 custom? haha! And what made him get one over other players who need one? Everything EA do fries my brain ??

I'd love 100+ more faces like the Barella one!! Weve even sent names to EA before in private via the mods. We’ve listed off all of the stadiums that we know about in the lists below, though just like with our League’s list a lot of this is coming from leakers, so take it with a pinch of salt. The time shall be, and that right soon, when men shall be proud of the one true faith. I am almost tempted to say that some lawyers might sit at his feet and learn things about drawing contracts good for them to know, but perhaps our legal friends might think I was partial, so I won't press the point
.I.. The remaining 5% in these clubs - are youth players/youngsters (Jones, Gilmour, Reyna, Odegaard, etc etc) who aren't shown because they aren't in the starting XI.

Please guys, save yourself and us some time and make the change.”

I saw that the old man was abroad; not with fear, but with great wonder, and the regrets of deafness
. Unfortunately, the best promotional packs are only available later in the season, but the 4,600 FIFA Points are still extremely valuable at this point. Interactive football experiences have been central to what has made EA Sports successful over the last 30 years. The ever-reliable Brazilian makes his way up to a 90 rated in our opinion for FIFA 23. We know at present about one hundred names of manufacturers and painters of vases. His calm judgment is apt to leave him, and his mind is for the time being closed, and only obstinacy remains

Consequently, communication with players is more important for managers than ever, as they need to ensure that their players have their heads in the game and are willing to work tirelessly.

It's absolutely horrendous.Exactly my talking. And who are those two, think you?”

“Gwenny, for one,” I answered.

Here are some other changes made to tackling, including the 'Backheel Tackle' – a challenge that allows skilled defenders to quickly dispossess opponents without even breaking stride

This also means it will be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who get EA Play access as part of their subscription.Thanks for posting!

Small win, but I always wondered why they didn't use the npc's from FIFA 19 journey.

Alongside this, he’s also confirmed that new Icons and Hero cards will be revealed to fans in August.

Maybe I’ll pick it up this time next year when it costs about a tenner, maybe I’ll review it for the site and then put it down again, maybe I’ll play through a career for the first time in a decade. No stadiums for some of the biggest clubs in the world camp nou etc

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